Daily Habits of a Christian

In the second episode of Social Hazard Radio, Michael and Teresa Blaes discuss what daily habits a follower of Christ should develop. Whether you have just pledged your life to Jesus or you have been walking with Him for 40 years, you will get some helpful and quality information from this podcast.  This episode will help you to form good habits as you develop your relationship with Jesus Christ. You will realize through this podcast that these habits can be applied to your personal spiritual walk with the Lord, as well as habits and daily routine for your family: spouse and children. As you begin to apply these principals, you will experience increased maturity in your relationship with the Lord, both individually and within your family.


Join the couple as they help you discover healthy habits in your Christian walk and a closer walk with Him.


Conversation Highlights

[01:00] Michael and Teresa discuss the discipline and benefits of improving physical health

[02:06] The importance of reading God’s Word, the Bible

[03:03] Teresa recommends that new believers start their reading with the Book of John

[03:39] Michael suggests the Books of Acts and Ephesians for more mature believers who may have become complacent

[05:34] Use a Bible reading plan

[07:28] Prayer!

[10:26] Listen!

[12:09] Worship! 

[13:24] It’s a family affair: involve your kids!

[15:42] Next episode: Spiritual Warfare


Remarkable Quotes:

[2:14] “And so, if you wanna know exactly what the character of God is like, ya gotta read His message!”


[8:24] “If our Lord needed to pray, how much more do we?”


[14:28] “I sit down and eat my breakfast, but before I eat my breakfast, I have to get my spiritual food in.


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What is a Christian?

In this episode of Social Hazard Radio, Michael and Teresa discuss in detail the meaning of Christianity as it pertains to personal life from a Biblical perspective.

Listen now and be inspired

Conversation Highlights

[01:09] Michael starts by pointing out a few dictionary meanings of the term “Christian”

[02:06] What does the Bible say about what it means to be a Christian? (Matthew 16:24-26)

[04:30] You in yourself cannot and will not earn your way into heaven

[05:14] When we sin, we owe a debt to God that we cannot pay.

[05:53] “It doesn’t take work, it takes belief.”

[06:43] The difference between Christianity and other religions is that “Jesus paid the price”.

[08:30] If you’ve wandered off the path, then now is the perfect time to come home.

[08:42] The Salvation Prayer.

[10:40] If you prayed the prayer, then you are a child of the living God; congratulations.

[10:47] Contact Social Hazard (michael@socialhazardradio.com and Teresa@socialhazardradio.com)

Remarkable Quotes:

[04:14] “If you haven’t made it your own, then you’re just being religious.”

[04:35] “There is nothing in this world that you can do to earn your way to heaven.”

[05:53] “It doesn’t take work, it takes belief.”

[06:43] The difference between Christianity and other religions is that Jesus paid the price”.


What is Spiritual Warfare?

In this episode of Social Hazard Radio, Michael and Teresa highlight Ten Myths of Spiritual Warfare. They discuss critically, these myths and debunk them using scriptural backing.

Listen in to this very educative episode

Conversation Highlights

[01:24] The church has mostly shunned spiritual warfare.

[02:28] Myth #1: “I am already saved so the devil can’t touch me”; If you give him an opportunity, he will take advantage of it.

[03:07] Myth #2: “The armor of God is just the virtues that we should have as Christians”; It is much more than that (Ephesians 6:10-17)

[04:15] Myth #3: “The occult has no power against a Christian”; the occult actively works against Christians.

[04:55] Myth #4: “If I Ignore it, it will go away”;  No, if you ignore it, it only gets stronger.

[08:04] Myth #5: “I’ve messed with the dark side so this is my punishment”; renounce all ties to them and you are forgiven.

[09:21] Myth #6: “A curse cannot come unfounded so if I didn’t do anything to cause it, it can’t hurt me”; occult groups can use curses against Christians.

[12:06] Myth #7: “The church doesn’t need to teach about spiritual warfare”; We are in a war and we are called to fight.

[13:42] Myth #8: “I keep holy water and crosses around me to keep the enemy away”; you cannot use objects to ward off the enemy, it won’t work.

[14:21] Myth #9: “The devil is not real”; the Bible says he walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

[15:01] Myth #10: I can use magic or burning sage to get rid of demons”; sage is a ritual used by the occult, you cannot use a demonic ritual to get rid of demons.

[17:01] Last Myth: “Spiritual warfare is not for today”; if you are not aware of how things are going and what needs to be done to deal with it, you are a casualty.


Remarkable Quotes:

[07:42] “Don’t ignore it, deal with it.”

[13:14] “We are in a war and we are called to fight.”

[17:22] “We are at war, you are either on the front lines and fighting this war, or you are a casualty of it.”


What is Social Hazard Radio?

In this episode of Social Hazard, Michael and Teresa Blaes introduce the podcast as a concept, essentially describing in detail the inspiration and motivation behind it and what to expect in terms of the format it will take.

Listen in now and be edified

Conversation Highlights


[01:05] Michael briefly gives a personal introduction to his Family.

[02:16] Teresa also shares some history of Social Hazard, as a former online Christian radio station.

[03:56] The inspiration for starting the Social Hazard podcast

[05:55] “We are called to be the Social Hazards”

[05:59] Social Hazards is based on Romans 12:2

[07:14] God is warning the Church.

[08:58] They describe in detail, the format the podcast is expected to take.

[10:22] How to contact Social Hazard (michael@socialhazardradio.com and teresa@socialhazardradio.com)

[11:10] Your feedback is very important.

Remarkable Quotes:

[05:55] “We are called to be the Social Hazards.”

[08:33] “Abortion is the largest human sacrifice in history.”