What is Social Hazard Radio?

In this episode of Social Hazard, Michael and Teresa Blaes introduce the podcast as a concept, essentially describing in detail the inspiration and motivation behind it and what to expect in terms of the format it will take.

Listen in now and be edified

Conversation Highlights


[01:05] Michael briefly gives a personal introduction to his Family.

[02:16] Teresa also shares some history of Social Hazard, as a former online Christian radio station.

[03:56] The inspiration for starting the Social Hazard podcast

[05:55] “We are called to be the Social Hazards”

[05:59] Social Hazards is based on Romans 12:2

[07:14] God is warning the Church.

[08:58] They describe in detail, the format the podcast is expected to take.

[10:22] How to contact Social Hazard (michael@socialhazardradio.com and teresa@socialhazardradio.com)

[11:10] Your feedback is very important.

Remarkable Quotes:

[05:55] “We are called to be the Social Hazards.”

[08:33] “Abortion is the largest human sacrifice in history.”



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