What is Spiritual Warfare?

In this episode of Social Hazard Radio, Michael and Teresa highlight Ten Myths of Spiritual Warfare. They discuss critically, these myths and debunk them using scriptural backing.

Listen in to this very educative episode

Conversation Highlights

[01:24] The church has mostly shunned spiritual warfare.

[02:28] Myth #1: “I am already saved so the devil can’t touch me”; If you give him an opportunity, he will take advantage of it.

[03:07] Myth #2: “The armor of God is just the virtues that we should have as Christians”; It is much more than that (Ephesians 6:10-17)

[04:15] Myth #3: “The occult has no power against a Christian”; the occult actively works against Christians.

[04:55] Myth #4: “If I Ignore it, it will go away”;  No, if you ignore it, it only gets stronger.

[08:04] Myth #5: “I’ve messed with the dark side so this is my punishment”; renounce all ties to them and you are forgiven.

[09:21] Myth #6: “A curse cannot come unfounded so if I didn’t do anything to cause it, it can’t hurt me”; occult groups can use curses against Christians.

[12:06] Myth #7: “The church doesn’t need to teach about spiritual warfare”; We are in a war and we are called to fight.

[13:42] Myth #8: “I keep holy water and crosses around me to keep the enemy away”; you cannot use objects to ward off the enemy, it won’t work.

[14:21] Myth #9: “The devil is not real”; the Bible says he walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

[15:01] Myth #10: I can use magic or burning sage to get rid of demons”; sage is a ritual used by the occult, you cannot use a demonic ritual to get rid of demons.

[17:01] Last Myth: “Spiritual warfare is not for today”; if you are not aware of how things are going and what needs to be done to deal with it, you are a casualty.


Remarkable Quotes:

[07:42] “Don’t ignore it, deal with it.”

[13:14] “We are in a war and we are called to fight.”

[17:22] “We are at war, you are either on the front lines and fighting this war, or you are a casualty of it.”


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